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Rocket Road Pictures.

The new generation in Danish filmmaking.

Rocket Road Pictures was founded by the brothers, Mehdi, Milad and Misam Avaz in 2017. In 2020, Mehdi Avaz took over the company, but the collaboration between the brothers remains close.


Rocket Road Pictures is a production company made up of creative people driven by a passion for creating universes and telling stories. We are driven by making visions a reality and telling stories that not only entertain but also have something on our minds and can evoke emotions and reflection.


We tell stories through several formats and produce feature films as well as series and lifestyle programs for both large and small budgets.


We have an eye on the market and its trends in our development of new projects, and we strive to appeal to and arouse an identification with the general population. These are our audience successes, Toscana, Collision and While We Live examples of.


We believe that the best productions are the result of a carefully composed team and a collaboration between the right people, who each contribute with different talents and competencies. We make a virtue out of recruiting the right people to get the good stories told, and therefore we are always interested in new as well as experienced talents and new ideas for projects and collaborations.


We strive to push to some limits for every project we do, and every project must be better than the last.



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